Creating a Modern Workspace

An effective, modern organisation with the right tools and practices can enable a transformation of your organisation through the provision of seamless integrations between your employees and your customers or consumers of your goods / services. These tools can also enable employees to collaborate more effectively as well as enabling your organisation to gain high levels of business intelligence / data insights through more intelligent applications that are geared towards the appropriate exposure of the business value within data or the compliance considerations associated with holding it.

It’s also important to embrace digital and modern approaches to work across all departments – there’s little value in sales people working on cutting edge laptops and collaboration platforms if the finance team don’t have access to the same tools. Across HR, sales, marketing, corporate management, manufacturing, finance, and any other departments, the more seamless the digital experience is for your users, the more seamless (and lucrative) it will be for your customers.

For us, an effective modern workspace should centre around 3 core principles:

  • Customer engagement and experience – having the elasticity to respond to your customers’ needs, marketing your business and brand in an effective manner, and driving revenue with effective processes and data mining.
  • Optimal operations – streamlining your organisation with lower IT downtime, effective and harmonious tools across departments and divisions, and lower maintenance and resource costs.
  • Product transformation – depending on your type of business, the ability to shorten product development, beat your competitors to market, and create compelling, cutting edge designs.

The role of IT in a modern business

A successful modern business needs to provide its employees with the tools and environment in which everyone can play their part in the ultimate goal of driving business growth – and IT obviously plays a central role in this. But with technology so embedded in modern culture and working practices, it’s no longer adequate for businesses to think of it as simply “IT’s job”. An effective, efficient and competitive modern organisation fosters a digital culture, a flexible and dynamic work ethic, and an approach to work facilitated by technology but executed by people.

IT’s role in a modern business is to be deeply involved in the strategy from conception to execution. No longer is it enough for IT to be pulled in at the end of the process, whereby the board of directors discuss what they want to do and then ask for something to be ordered and rolled out. To play a role and add proactive value to the business, IT needs to be involved in the discussion, planning and execution of everything from hardware updates to process changes and service delivery.

How can PAV help?

From listening to our customers’ needs, the principles that the Modern Workspaces concept has been built on some of the best-in-class technologies in the industry to provide your business with:

  • The tools for optimised processes
  • Cost savings compared to legacy platforms
  • Fit-for-purpose security measures
  • And ultimately - the best in class experience for your customers and employees


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