Digital transformation, digitisation, remote office, virtual working – you’ve heard all the descriptions, catch phrases, and likely many more and everything in between! But when the buzzwords are laid bare, the commonalities between the best and most successful businesses of the present day are that they are modern in thinking, execution, and most importantly of all – elite delivery of goods or services to their customers.
Given these efficiency gains that can be made by embracing the best digital technologies and practices, failure to adopt them in an effective manner risks falling behind your competitors if a sub-optimal customer experience is the outcome as a result.
What does 'digital' do for your business, and what more could it be doing?
The team here at PAV have spoken with our customers and our technology partners to understand the main drivers in modern business, with the goal of de-mystifying the digital revolution and putting it into real life practice for British businesses - and, specifically, IT departments. We've called it Modern Workspaces.

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As part of this work, we've put together a series of blogs and resources to explain more, and we're always at the end of the phone (01273 834 000) if you'd like to discuss more or let us know about your IT goals and/or pain points.
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