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Commvault software supports more than 40 cloud storage options across public and private clouds.

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Why Commvault

Data loss and the inability to recover quickly consume organizations’ time, money, and resources — and puts their reputations and operations at risk. With Commvault, you can reduce those risks while creating new opportunities for success.

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In today’s world, simplifying and centralizing data protection in one place is critical to business success and effectiveness.

  • Unified data platform – a single view to know, intelligently manage, protect, and easily migrate data across locations, storage types (cloud, disk, or tape), and workloads.
  • Automated disaster recovery validation – simplify disaster recovery testing by automatically scheduling the recovery of virtual machines, applications, and backup data to a separate environment.
  • Intelligent and centralized policy management – identify and automate data management tasks to maximize operational efficiencies. Automatically protect data and applications with the right protection schedules and retention policies to meet your Service Level Agreements.
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Whatever the data type, workload, or platform, or whether it is in the cloud or on-premises, you can confidently restore and resume business operations. A solution that responds to threats immediately and with rapid recovery to meet your workload service level agreement.

  • Cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery – seamlessly backup, recover, and migrate data between AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, and other major cloud providers, all from the Commvault platform.
  • Cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery – seamlessly backup, recover, and migrate data between AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, and other major cloud providers, all from the Commvault platform.
  • Secure data and backup copies – a layered approach to prevent and protect data and backup copies from unauthorized and malicious activity.


You want to choose the infrastructure types, storage, and cloud that meet your business needs. More important is the flexibility to seamlessly move your data to less expensive compute and storage resources when necessary, and only pay for those resources when consumed. And it must streamline your operations; eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

  • Streamline operations – automate processes with intelligent policies, scripts, and self-service capabilities for users and application owners.
  • Seamless data movement – easily move and migrate your backup copies to the cloud or physical locations. Restore in the cloud and only pay for compute when it is turned on.
  • Powerful scale – elastically expand and contract resources for planned data growth or ad hoc, only paying for the services as needed. Choose the architecture to meet your data protection needs best with no vendor lock-in.
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Maximise Your Commvault Solution

In a world where data and information mean the difference between success and failure, the modern enterprise depends on an IT organisation that supports both technology and business initiatives. Your Commvault solution is more than just industry-leading data management software. It’s a strategic investment in the ongoing success of your business, and one from which you need to maximise your return. Our dedicated Commvault team can provide you with certified assessment, design and implementation services to help improve and develop your backup and DR strategy inline with business requirements.

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