Data and Governance

We’re past the age in which ring binders and filing cabinets hold the crown jewels of a company – and certainly those that continue to thrive in the modern era. That’s not to say paper has disappeared entirely as we all know it hasn’t, but it’s become more of a note-taking tool rather than a custodian of a company’s vital data. Data now exists electronically for everything from sales forecasts to employee payroll information to customer data or even future engineering or architectural documents and absolutely for communications both within and external to an organisation. Modern businesses need a data management platform that embraces all of these forms of electronic data and which can keep pace with the company’s day-to-day running as well as your organisations future aspirations upon IT. An effective modern backup strategy is one that is well-thought-out, that looks at business data holistically and organises it by priority, retention requirement and accessibility. There is now clearly a need to comply with increasingly stringent data protection regulations e.g. General Data Protection Regulation (but many other industry regulations exist) which also makes the maintenance of legacy point products cumbersome and costly to maintain. In short, simply doing “backup” as we have done before will no longer cut it and the risks relating to recovery from cyber-attack or a compliance infraction are only getting larger every year.

Building the right foundations

We know from many of our own customers that modern business isn’t as simple as backing everything up to one cloud and knowing that everything is taken care of. In fact, 80% of companies are using multiple clouds today, so even if your business isn’t currently using more than one cloud, there’s a strong chance it will be in the not-too-distant future.

The best backup and recovery tools need to provide multi-cloud support covering both public and private clouds as well as on premise systems and SaaS cloud application such as Office 365. So in line with shifting your organisation’s emphasis to being a Modern Workspace, your data and governance solution needs the flexibility to manage / protect data where it resides and recover this data within and between many clouds or the origination location with minimal layers of complexity being involved and at all times with efficiencies reducing the bandwidth and storage requirements as well as the security for data that is flight.

In addition, the right platforms available today allows your organisation to adopt of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms that optimise performance, analyse patterns and report on anomalies – all ideal foundations for an effective, efficient and cutting-edge Modern data management solution.

Data & Governance

We’re past the age in which ring binders and filing cabinets hold the crown jewels of a company – and certainly those that continue to thrive in the modern era...

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