Effective packaging of both desktop and server applications

Our Application Practice team help customers on every step of their journey. Whether they require ad-hoc work packages or full project work, management and documentation

Applicaton Packaging Services

PAV's application packaging service enables businesses to deploy commercial or in-house software applications to include additional parameters, rolled-in software patches/services packages or other software dependencies needed by the application but not present on the target business machines.

A typical business environment can contain 1000's of software applications
Your applications have different uses, varying levels of complexity, licensing and business usage. The amount of time needed to support, patch and configure these applications across an organisation's network estate can drain business resources as it grows. Reducing the operational overhead of this, minimising software license cost, maximising existing software investment and controlling the proliferation of the software estate are all concerns of today’s businesses.

We help deliver time and cost savings

PAV's application packaging & virtualisation services help solve these issues by streamlining and configuring a business's expansive software estate into a managed, documented portfolio of deployable packages.
We have the skills and in-house tools to package or virtualise an organisations software, enabling the business to benefit from reduced management and operational costs as well seeing increases in potential system performance.

Benefits of application packaging

We are application packaging experts and can support IT departments by:
• Evaluating applications to establish the best means of delivery to users
• Reducing software management costs and operational management overhead
• Assisting with Windows 10 migrations
• Overcoming platform or software compatibility issues
• Virtualising or creating MSI/MSIX/App-V/Intune for consistent application delivery
• Enabling delivery of applications via VDI services such as AWS or Azure
• Configuring conditional access and implement policies based on conditions such as user location or
app sensitivity
• Improving application performance
• Providing QA and warrantied applications and peace of mind

virtualise your applications across your desired platforms

You may want to overcome other issues within your business such as platform hardware/software compatibility issues by delivering applications to your users in virtualised or centrally re-hosted instances. We can help you to define and implement the best virtualisation and hosting strategy needed to make the most of your requirements.

Using application virtualisation you can realise further benefits such as:
• Simplifying maintenance - Maintain one version of the application for all your clients and their different devices
• No compatibility issues - Users can utilise any OS and supported hardware without dependency/compatibility issues
• Simpler that implementing virtual desktops - Can be more cost effective and easier to implement