Delivering IT Certainty

Our priority always is you. In our 30 years we’ve come to learn the technologies to trust and as such have partnered with “best of breed” providers, but that doesn’t mean we’re tied to them. We work with all our customers on the basis of finding the right technology and solution to meet their needs. One thing we’ve learned is every business is unique and know one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to IT problems and solutions.

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Dell Technologies Gold Partner

Through incredible dedication and outstanding work, Pavilion has earned a metal tier within the Dell Technologies Partner Program

Data & Governance

We’re past the age in which ring binders and filing cabinets hold the crown jewels of a company – and certainly those that continue to thrive in the modern era...

Modern Workspaces

An effective, modern organisation with the right tools and practices can enable a transformation of your organisation through the provision of seamless integrations between your...

Communication & Collaboration

There are many types of businesses including “Not for Profit”, “Manufacturing”, “Retail” etc… When you boil it down, a Business is the art of a supplier and customer working together...