Most campaigns that vendors / resellers run is targeted at simply convincing you to part cash to roll out the latest technology or widget. Something that either enables slight improvements in performance or reduces your cyber risk profile by a few % points. This campaign is going to be very different. During our Better cyber

Industry Round Table Event

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We will be holding a fine dining event on April 6th to discuss the skills gap and the role that IT plays in addressing it. To gain a greater understanding of the vital role that good IT plays supporting all businesses. Invested organisations typically benefit from higher employee productivity, less churn, less cyber risk, more
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At this event, we will review the employee requirements upon end user technology, how these requirements are changing in an IT world where one size no longer fits all. We will then dissect the end user IT requirement from the perspective of employee productivity, IT operations and cyber security. During the session we hope to

We’re Exhibiting October 7th

pavilion exhibiting
We’re excited to be back exhibiting again. Join us along with hundreds of other local businesses at the West Yorkshire Expo and Brighton Business Expo, both of which are taking place on October 7th. Enjoy the opportunity to get out and openly network, whilst exploring the exhibition packed with a variety of local exhibitors. These