Join this virtual event (Detection is Better Than Cure) on the afternoon of Friday 16th July. This event is designed to help you determine whether your organisational compliance, cybersecurity and ransomware posture is appropriate to the threat. The event will include speakers from Sophos, Pentest People and PAVilion who will discuss the following topics: • Detection is a vital part of
Our Sales Director Nathan Collins joined Northern PowerHouses Vicki Mulroney and Chris Fordy to explain how the last 12 months have been for Pavillion. A very different year to the previous 30 years worth of experience. What kept them going? take a look.     The team at Pavillion are focused on Data & Governance, Modern
Wednesday 26th May Join our virtual event on the afternoon of Wednesday 26th May with our own #Microsoft #o365 #csp #billing specialists Nathan Sanders and Bill Marsden. They will also be joined by our guest speaker Robbie Jackson who is a M365 collaboration expert and he will discuss #msteams, #compliance and #governance issues that require careful policy design
Join our virtual event on the afternoon of Thursday March 11th with Vijay Mistry, Pete Clements and Martyn Wells. This Linkedin Live Event will drill into these industry experts and their respective awareness around how IT can enable both productivity and automation. Q&A is provided at the end of the session. Cisco, Comstor UK, Wells