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Here at Pavilion we pride ourselves on delivering quality IT Certainty since 1988. You are of course right to be sceptical as all support or managed services companies would state this… They would be crazy not to! So we would like to share some high level statistics as well as anecdotal ticket feedback to help provide you confidence in our ability to support you in good times and also on those occasions when IT has decided that today is not going to be a good day for you!

of response, SLA met

Same Day Fix (Calls)

12 secs
average call waiting time

99.8 %
Response SLA Met

Client Satisfaction

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RESOLVE services provide your business with a reactive support function that provides centralised IT Service desk practice, deep technical support, third party management and onsite technical assistance as and when your business needs it.

The goal of RESOLVE is to be your trusted and dependable provider of IT service desk and support services. Working alongside your existing third party suppliers, PAV is able to provide a centralised IT service support function that ensures your business has the technical support it needs and when it needs it.

RESOLVE may be delivered as your sole IT service desk and support function or as a complement to your existing technical teams. Working closely with your third party suppliers, RESOLVE ensures IT incidents, problems, service and change requests are always recorded, investigated and resolved in the most efficient and effective manner possible.


MONITOR provides greater insight, business alignment and control over events that occur within your business IT systems infrastructure. Our MONITOR offering is driven to provide proactive service support in the day-to-day operation of your IT services. By monitoring and analysing your business IT system around the clock we can deliver valuable insight, predicting your particular risk landscape and allowing us to proactively protect your business and minimise down time.

The goal of MONITOR is to deliver your business with proactive monitoring and alerting services to capture events, which could lead to service outages. Combined with reporting and trending analysis we are able to identify and predict likely service affecting events before they occur.

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OPERATE provides continuity of technical skill for both planned and unplanned events. Acting as an extension of your IT team, and providing additional help when you need it, we carry out essential routine tasks and provide onsite and remote continuity of your business IT functions including proactive patch version management and adds, moves and changes so you can focus on time to improve.
The smooth running of the IT service operation is critical to the function of your business, and PAV have designed these services to provide experienced technical resource support and assistance based on your business requirements. OPERATE services extend from on-demand technical assistance (as and when needed), through to full empowerment of systems administration. To complement this, the OPERATE service can also provide proactive patch and update management.

Acting as an extension of your IT function, the goal of OPERATE is to provide a flexible technical resourcing model that enables your business to cater for planned and unplanned IT demand.