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Yorkshire-based financial management company Fensham Howes partner with PAV I.T. Services and Sophos to upgrade their security systems


Fensham Howes is a strategic independent financial management company that works with its clients to help them achieve their life financial goals. For every client, this starts by establishing clear and practical strategic objectives, and the implementation of a long-term plan. The plan is then updated through regular monitoring, constant attention to detail, and by making sensible adjustments to changes in life circumstances or the environment.


Fensham Howes had been running a range of security technologies for data security protection and endpoint encryption to protect its users and data. However the staff regularly complained that the endpoint encryption software was not a user friendly solution.

While Fensham Howes were keen to improve the user experience for their staff , the existing endpoint protection solution had proven to be a solid service. After speaking with the PAV experts as to the capabilities of Sophos Intercept X, the customer realised that the new solution would provide security improvements for the business as well as meeting the user experience goal.


Having understood the project requirements and the hardware infrastructure that was currently in place, Sophos XG Firewall with Intercept X was proposed to address Fensham Howes’ requirements.


Sophos consistently outperformed the incumbent tool in the third-party tests that were carried out as part of the process. In addition to performing strongly against its competition, the Sophos single management console made it a much more attractive proposition, and created an easy-to-manage solution that provides an integrated security portfolio.

In addition to the endpoint and encryption solutions, the opportunity was perfect to bring in a firewall solution from the Sophos XG range, since not only does this sit within the same integrated management console, it also enabled Fensham Howes to implement the latest advances in security provisions. When partnering an XG firewall with Intercept X, the customer also gained access to Sophos’ Synchronised Security – a system that facilitates constant communication between one another and allowing information to be passed bilaterally in real time.

With this exchanging of information, automatic responses to security breaches are then unlocked in the Sophos management console. Pairing these products together means that should a machine become infected it can be quarantined and locked down in only 8 seconds (a process that takes around 2 hours when carried out manually).

Implementing this latest, best in class, security infrastructure provided increased confidence to Fensham Howes in their security and endpoint solution, as well making day to day working easier for their staff.

“Working with PAV has meant we’ve been able to implement the highest levels of IT security within our business. The integrated solution of encryption, endpoint and firewall is perfect for us, and the knowledge we can lock down an infected machine within 8 seconds if we need to gives us great peace of mind. PAV have become a trusted advisor to our business and we’re confident they offer us the best advice on securing our data and business continuity”.


Duncan Watling
Operations and Analysis Manager
Fensham Howes


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