Download Whitepaper - Are Microsoft 365 backups needed?

Gain insight into Microsofts built-in Recycle Bins, Retention Policies and Legal Hold features to ensure your data is backed up and learn how to implement a secure Microsoft data recovery and backup solution.

Are Microsoft 365 backups needed?

It’s a topical question, and we wish we could give you a clear-cut answer? However, the answer isn’t that clear cut.

Let’s break this down into 3 simple questions:
1. What #microsoft365 license plans do you have?
2. Are you using all the recovery features of your license plan to their full extent?
3. Is your Business compliance, or Business Sector subject to any specific IT requirements around Data storage & Backups?


Microsoft Webinar - MS 365 Backup and Retention / MS Teams Compliance and Management (May 26th)

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Join our virtual event on the afternoon of Wednesday 26th May with our own #Microsoft #o365 #csp #billing specialists Nathan Sanders and Bill Marsden. They will also be joined by our guest speaker Robbie Jackson who is a M365 collaboration expert and will discuss #msteams, #compliance and #governance issues that require careful policy design and management.


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