Woodroyd Nursery

How Woodroyd Nursery and Childrens’ Centre protected sensitive data and increased productivity using Windows 10 & Office 365


Woodroyd Nursery & Children’s Centre are a registered company and charity that functions to enhance the development of children, particularly, but not inclusively, below statutory school age and to advance education, relieve poverty, sickness and distress as well as providing leisure time facilities in the interests of social welfare for families in West Bowling and the surrounding area.


The impending end of life of Windows 7 in January 2020 presented a potential risk to the security of the sensitive data handled on a daily basis by Woodroyd Nursery (personal information on children and their parents). Furthermore, performance issues with running a legacy operating system were a potential cause of concern if existing machines were to be used to run Windows 10.
From speaking with PAV about the challenge it was facing, the Nursery decided that instead of upgrading the existing machines they had onsite, a more cost-effective approach to overcome the issue would be to replace the legacy hardware with Windows 10 pre-installed machines. To address the potential performance issues, the second element of the project was to migrate the Nursery to Microsoft Office 365.


Having understood the project requirements and the hardware infrastructure that was currently in place, PAV Assure / Monitor IT Support was proposed to address Woodroyd’s needs.


With the effective deployment of Windows 10 that PAV were able to provide to Woodroyd, not only does the nursery benefit from the added security features provided in the new version of Office 365, but they also benefit from a boost in user productivity as a result of quicker, higher specification machines. These time savings have created tangible benefits of more efficient use of staff time with not being tied up with slow computers or inefficient collaboration methods.
The adoption of Office 365 has given the Woodroyd team the flexibility to seamlessly access emails, files and folders in order to effectively, efficiently and securely collaborate with their colleagues either from onsite at the nursery, or when working remotely.
Woodroyd’s Non-profit status also allowed it to take advantage of charity pricing offered by Microsoft, and as a result, Natalie Brooksbank and her team have access to all of the suite of Office 365 productivity tools for a fraction of the standard price.

"PAV have saved us huge amounts of time by deploying Windows 10 for us, as well as increasing our team’s productivity with their new machines. The smooth rollout of Office 365 has also enabled our users to collaborate more effectively across email, files and folders regardless of location, and always keeping our precious data secure."

Natalie Brooksbank

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