Join our Supercharge webinar on Friday 5th June at 10am BST to see how PAV and Cisco can help your business get more from its IT. Register today, or read on to find out more. Your business runs on technology. It’s how you connect with your customers, collaborate with your employees, run your apps and
Join the Demystifying Zero Trust Sophos Webinar on May 14th. Traditionally cybersecurity has involved creating a security perimeter and trusting that everything inside that perimeter is secure. However the rise of remote users, SaaS applications and cloud services has eroded the perimeter. Zero Trust is a cybersecurity mindset based on the principle of trust nothing,
Encryption of network traffic is rapidly approaching 100% creating an enormous blind spot in your network security that hackers and malware authors are already starting to exploit. And with most Firewall solutions unable to adequately handle this challenge, many organizations are left powerless to do anything about it -leaving them vulnerable to attack. In this
The term “Threat Hunting” doesn’t deserve to be placed on the security buzzword bingo board alongside terms like “artificial intelligence,” “real time,” and “next-gen,” to name a few. Unfortunately, its meaning has been co-opted and corrupted by marketers, making it difficult for those looking to add Threat Hunting capabilities to their security program to really