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Modern Workspaces

Hot topic #2: Security

Many of your users are likely working from home at the moment, or soon will be. While this represents a great way of ensuring business continuity, we know it also presents security headaches for IT teams. 

The most common attacks currently facing UK businesses are phishing attempts, with over 500,000 small firms suffering from such attacks over the past two years. Nearly 400,000 firms have also reported malware attacks in the same period, over 300,000 reporting fraudulent payment attempts, and over 260,000 suffering from a ransomware attack. 

So in short, it could happen to your business, and in fact it’s increasingly likely to.

With Sophos Intercept X, and PAV's help to choose, configure and manage it, your business can become a true Modern Workspace in no time.

Read this report to find out how over 3,000 IT managers from the UK and 11 other countries were surveyed about their cybersecurity experiences last year. The results reveal the challenges, concerns, and day-to-day issues facing IT teams around the globe.


What does 'digital' do for your business, and what more could it be doing? The team here at PAV have spoken with our customers and our technology partners to understand the main drivers in modern business, with the goal of de-mystifying the digital revolution and putting it into real life practice for British businesses - and, specifically, IT departments. We've called it Modern Workspaces.

As part of this work, we've put together a series of blogs and resources to explain more, and we're always at the end of the phone (01273 834 000) if you'd like to discuss more or let us know about your IT goals and/or pain points.

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