Three Lies You've Heard About Threat Hunting (And One Thing That’s True), sophos webinar
The term “Threat Hunting” doesn’t deserve to be placed on the security buzzword bingo board alongside terms like “artificial intelligence,” “real time,” and “next-gen,” to name a few. Unfortunately, its meaning has been co-opted and corrupted by marketers, making it difficult for those looking to add Threat Hunting capabilities to their security program to really
Sophos Webinar: Ransomware is Back with a Vengeance
Ransomware is living its best life, making headlines week after week. Two in three organisations fell victim to a cyberattack in 2018 which proves traditional anti-malware is not enough.       Join this session to learn how intelligent endpoint detection and response is helping you stay safe during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. • The
PAV take centre stage at Commvault GO in Denver
Commvault GO offers access to leading data experts and cutting-edge software-defined technologies — genius stuff you can put into action right away. Ransomware attacks, cloud migration, disaster recovery, containers and microservices? Bring it on. The convergence of storage, multi-cloud, and cloud native technologies? You’ve got this. Meet us at the crossroads of storage and data
Save time and money on data protection & storage, upload
IT’s About Time… data protection, storage and compliance was simplified, and cost your business less. PAV’s Cloud Store Service provides you with an inexpensive, secure and resilient offsite cloud storage target for your Commvault data which is directly accessed by you from your own Commvault platform – in fact you can make savings of up to