Whetham and Green Implement Managed Commvault SaaS Solution to Secure Data and Save Costs


Whetham and Green solicitors were looking to modernise their IT operations to support ongoing business growth, and at the same time ensuring that their clients’ valuable data was efficiently backed up. In parallel, there was also an identified need to free up the firm’s IT partners from day-to-day administrative tasks to be able to focus more on value added initiatives.


Following consultation with the PAV team, Whetham and Green chose to adopt Commvault SaaS managed services to run their email platforms and to backup cloud applications.

This enables the firm’s broader strategy of optimising its business operations for modern demands, and this is achieved with the implementation of cloud, containerised storage and easy data recovery.

As part of the service, Whetham and Green also chose to use the PavASSURE service. This gives them the benefit of having the PAV team just a phone call away with their wealth of technical expertise to support any queries or proactive measures to optimise Whetham and Green’s backups and storage.


With the faster and more efficient backups that Commvault provides, backups have proven to be not only more reliable, but easier for the IT team.

Risk mitigation is also an important part of Whetham and Green’s new backup strategy. As with all solicitors, the firm handle large amounts of potentially sensitive data about their clients. With data backed up with Commvault and managed expertly by the PAV team, the risk of non-compliance with regulations and data losses or breaches is minimised.

Similarly, audit requirements are much more easily satisfied, with the easy access to any client’s case history and data that is held in dual copy in the ORIIUM cloud.

Whetham and Green have also benefitted from cost savings as a result of the migration to Commvault and PAV. Thanks to the reductions in on-site server and storage infrastructure and the supporting software and services, the firm have reported at least a 40% reduction in cost from moving to the cloud-based environment.


Whetham and Green are a firm of solicitors providing a range of legal services for clients in Sussex and further afield. They are a traditional high street style firm that provides specialised services for both private and commercial clients.

“Knowing that our backups are running smoothly and that this bread and butter task is in good hands with PAV, our IT team can focus their efforts where we need them to support our continued business growth. This has proven to be invaluable to us as we scale our operations to our business needs. In line with our objective to make the legal process easy and smooth for all our customers, we are working to optimise our operations to meet modern demands. We highly recommend PAV and Commvault for any British firms looking for similar results”.

Senior Partner
Whetham and Green

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