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IT services automation with MSPComplete


Problematic IT services delivery today

IT services automation
BitTitan MSPComplete helps you document and standardise delivery with Runbooks. Centralise, automate, and execute scripts in the cloud. Benchmark performance and identify opportunities to improve service delivery.


Engineers create new copies of scripts at each customer deployment. When running scripts, they jump between sources of documentation and software. Execution is dependent on a local machine.
• Script storage is decentralised and inefficient.
• Script execution requires local resources.


Engineers often follow their own processes. Scripts and procedures, if documented at all, are saved to local drives, which can lead to outdated versions being deployed to customers.
• Practices are undocumented or decentralised.
• Inconsistent delivery hurts customer satisfaction.


Service delivery is binary: Pass or fail. Without insight into how well employees perform tasks, IT services providers are unable to optimise the delivery process to make it more efficient and profitable.
• Metrics for task and service delivery are necessary.
• No metrics on performance over time or between employees.