Pavilion Service Credits

Pavilion have a comprehensive IT services portfolio covering reactive and pro-active IT support, hosting, cloud as well as application services. These services meet many of our customers day to day general IT support requirements.

There are occasions when these support services need to be augmented with engineering services to provide an IT outcome required to support your business. Pavilion have worked with trusted 3rd party organisations to scope and design appropriate top up services that solve many of these additional business requirements.

Paying for these IT outcomes has also been made very straight forward and is done so using Pavilion service credits (PAV Credit). Each of the services has been scoped and given a PAV credit value.

To simplify, a credit has a notional value of £100.When buying a service from this catalogue you as a customer can be confident that the service will be delivered professionally irrespective of the supporting consulting service provider. Additionally, the scope and cost are confirmed to you upfront so your IT budgets will be subject to far less variability as a result.  


Pavilion have designed our service and support offerings through a number of product families. These product families are known as pavASSURE, pavTRANSFORM and pavCLOUD. At a high level, pavTRANSFORM is a professional services activity designed to deliver new projects to a customer, pavASSURE are the support services required to support a client, with pavCLOUD being our hosted server / application platform. These services are documented fully in our service definition document and also here.
PAV credits are afforded to existing pavASSURE customers and are designed to add delivery or engineering services to the support offering thereby making more bespoke your relationship with Pavilion 
as your IT support provider.

The following are the add-on services that we are making available:

  • PAV-01 - Flexible Application Service (FAS)
  • PAV-02 - Bespoke monitoring Scoping
  • PAV-03 - Device Patching
  • PAV-04 - Server Patching
  • PAV-05 - Application Patching
  • PAV-06 - IT environment health check
  • PAV-07 - Web & email health check
  • PAV-08 - Onsite service day
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Pentest People

UK-based boutique security consultancy focussing on bringing the benefits of Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) to all its clients. This innovative approach to security testing combines the benefits of a consultant-led penetration test and vulnerability assurance through a technologically advanced SecurePortal, providing a living threat system to its clients and benefit through the life of the contract rather than just a single point in time.
Pentest People are a CREST accredited company for its Penetration Testing services and have also attained the NCSC Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. Pentest People are also accredited to ISO:9001 and ISO:27001.

The following are the add-on services that we are making available:

  • PAV-PP-01 - Business IT Security Check
  • PAV-PP-02 - Security Baseline Assessment
  • PAV-PP-03 - Web Security Check
  • PAV-PP-04 - Ransomware Defence Assessment
workspace partner

Workspace IT

Focuses on quality professional services to deliver vendor independent consultancy specialising in end user computing. They help our customers prepare for and implement IT transformation such as platform change (e.g. Physical to Virtual Desktops) and moving to public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.

The following are the add-on services that we are making available:

  • PAV-WIT-01 - Unit Based Support Contract
  • PAV-WIT-02 - Citrix Cloud PoC
  • PAV-WIT-03 - Citrix Health Check
viewdata partner


Viewdata is a specialist Apple IT service provider, delivering nationwide Mac Management solutions to businesses, retail, education, healthcare, local government and the financial sector for over 25 years.

The following are the add-on services that we are making available:

  • PAV-VD-01 - Client IT Support Voucher
cloud9 partner

Cloud9 Insight

Are a Microsoft Gold Partner and experts in Dynamics365. Cloud9 helps businesses to adopt CRM through implementation, training and support services.

The following are the add-on services that we are making available:
PAV-C9-01 - Client Success Care Package (Support)
PAV-C9-02 – Diagnostic Engagement
PAV-C9-03 - Training Day


Computer Links Services

Offers a wide range of network cabling installation solutions, including consultancy, design and installation. We are a leading cabling contractor providing network installation services for data, voice and wireless environments. We work closely with our clients to analyse their needs, designing the appropriate network cabling architecture for the simplest or most complex or network cabling requirements. We service structured cabling installations from 10 to over 5000 points. Our skilled engineers install both data & voice cabling.
Primary activities include the installation of both shielded and unshielded category 5e and category 6 cabling solutions. Fibre Optic Cabling capabilities are also part of our professional service offering. All data cabling works are fully specified at the outset and a test report is produced at the end of the installation.

The following are the add-on services that we are making available:

  • PAV-CLS-01 - Detailed Network Inspection & Recommendations
  • PAV-CLS-02 - Ekahau Wireless Network Survey
node 4 logo


Node4 are a fully ISO:27001 accredited DataOps specialist and are experts in implementing and managing database environments on private and public cloud infrastructure. As such, much of the focus of the DataOps Practice is on working within a hybrid-cloud model and ensuring customers benefit from modernising their critical database environments.


The following are the add-on services that we are making available:

  • PAV-N4-01 – DB Health-Check
  • PAV-N4-02 – DB Consulting Services
  • PAV-N4-03 – DBA Managed Service (DBaaS)

Wells Technology Services Ltd

Helps organisations to bridge the gap between business strategy and IT capability and do so without the organisation taking on an executive to lead their technology function. They provide consulting services to vendors, investors and organisations, from product selection and implementations through to sentiment analysis and market appraisal.

The following are the add-on services that we are making available:

  • PAV-WELL-01 - Outsourced CIO Day Rate
Speculo Consulting Partner of Pav


Provides Project Management capability with a Virtual PMO. This service incorporates on-demand,instant access to a team of industry leading project professionals backed by Speculo’s PMOresources, tools and delivery framework.
Using this service, businesses can confidently build their process maturity and deliver complex technology projects, in the knowledge that change and business transformation is being orchestrated by industry experts.

The following are the add-on services that we are making available:
• PAV-SPEC-01 – PM for single IT project completion

The IT Trainer Logo

The IT Trainer

This offering is designed to support 'Off the Shelf' Microsoft modules through tailored enablement. Our intention is to provide your staff with the training content to enable employees to interface with these important Microsoft tools at optimum levels and the training content also includes the latest hints and tips for refreshers when new versions are released.

Our eLearning program for Microsoft are extensive and we can provide courses that include one or more of the following training modules:
• MS Office Traditional ‘Apps’ – ‘Tips and Tricks’ on the popular and latest features of Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint
• OneDrive and SharePoint – work with these from your desktop, share and collaborate
• Teams – collaborate in Teams with apps and create an Intranet with VIVA Connections
• Teams – how to run a successful teams meeting / webinar
• Forms – digitise your paper-based forms with Microsoft Forms.
• Planner – plan your project or just keep all the required tasks for your department together with Planner
• Bookings – set up a customer facing Booking Calendar
• Shifts – Use Teams to plan and allocate shifts
• Power Automate – introduction to workflows with Power Automate. This can be an overview or alternatively bring a process within your business and get an understanding of what parts of it can be automated
• Power Apps – introduction to Power Apps, the low code app creation in Microsoft 365. Get an understanding for what it can do or bring a requirement and gain an understanding of how Power Apps may be able to help
• Power BI – Business Intelligence. Get more from your data. An introduction to Power BI with an understanding of what it can do and how it can help your organisation.

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