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Most campaigns that vendors / resellers run is targeted at simply convincing you to part cash to roll out the latest technology or widget. Something that either enables slight improvements in performance or reduces your cyber risk profile by a few % points. This campaign is going to be very different. During our Better cyber
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The threat environment is more challenging than ever. Here’s what it takes to get cyber insurance in 2022. Earlier this year, we asked 5,600 IT professionals about their experiences with cyber insurance. The results are mixed, but the key takeaways are that cyber insurance is becoming harder and more expensive to get due in part
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Cyberattacks are ever changing. Read about cyberattacks’ evolution and best practices to protect against new threats. Key Points Cyberattacks have evolved, as businesses continue to adopt networked devices and digitize operations. Supply chain attacks and ransomware have become more common, with cybercriminals growing in sophistication. Cybersecurity tools are evolving to meet the challenge. Simply put,
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THE EVOLUTION OF AUTHENTICATION – HOW WE GOT HERE AND WHERE WE ARE NOW  The Authentication Problem  The Internet changed the way we do business. The access to fast Internet at home, as well as through millions of Wi-Fi hotspots in public places, allows employees to work from anywhere – their homes, hotels, coffee shops.