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Ransomware keeps evolving, and MegaCortex is the latest threat keeping IT teams across the globe awake at night. MegaCortex was a relatively little-seen malware that suddenly spiked in volume on May 1 this year and has been detected in multiple countries around the world so far. What is MegaCortex? MegaCortex dials blended threats up to
Wouldn’t it be great if you could audit what is attached to your organisation’s network, identify misconfigurations, bottlenecks and issues and rapidly react to service impacting conditions? Using a remote sensor, the pavASSURE advanced network discovery and monitoring service constantly monitors the health and performance of all networking devices, communication lines and endpoints reporting the
IT’s About Time… data protection, storage and compliance was simplified, and cost your business less. PAV’s Cloud Store Service provides you with an inexpensive, secure and resilient offsite cloud storage target for your Commvault data which is directly accessed by you from your own Commvault platform – in fact you can make savings of up to
Welcome to our November newsletter – there’s been lots going on in the world of PAV since our last update, so we wanted to share some of this with you.       Ransomware webinar We know that many SMB owners ask whether the cost of ransomware prevention is justified given pressures on budgets and