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The leading security risk management, access control & network visibility solution delivered seamlessly in the cloud.

NAC as a Cloud Service

Keep your network secure and achieve full network visibility and risk control with cloud-delivered NAC.

What is Portnox CLEAR?

Portnox CLEAR is a cloud-delivered network access control solution providing actionable network visibility and risk management of endpoints in any location, on or off campus. CLEAR delivers continuous risk monitoring of all endpoints – IoT, BYOD and managed devices, across wired, wireless and virtual networks. As a cloud-delivered solution, CLEAR is always running the most updated version with the latest features and capabilities. The solution goes deep into the security posture of the endpoint and grants network access based on a device’s risk profile, generated by information about the device itself, the network connection and the user’s identity.

Network Access Control. Made Simple.

Visibility: CLEAR provides continuous visibility of all endpoints connected to your network, in real time, no matter which type of device or where it is connecting from in the world, whether at home, at a café or on the road. CLEAR identifies where the endpoints are connecting from and the risk associated with them, whether they are managed, BYOD or IoT devices. It provides data on each device including operating system, type of device, installed applications, services, certificates, open ports, configuration and more.

Control: CLEAR controls access to the network based on the 802.1x protocol. It can block rogue devices, quarantine uncompliant endpoints or limit the access to specified resources using access control lists (ACLs) or VLAN changes. CLEAR displays a captive portal to explain the next steps that the user should follow. It also assists with the remediation of devices and brings them back into a healthy state.

Cloud Delivery: CLEAR is simple and easy to implement due to its as-a- Service delivery and is always running the newest software version with the latest features and security updates. Version upgrades are seamless and are delivered continuously, covering all geo-locations. All CLEAR components are black boxes, requiring zero management. As a cloud solution, CLEAR has built-in scalability, high availability and disaster recovery backup sites in different countries.

Simplicity: CLEAR is agentless and vendor agnostic, requiring zero setup. No training is required to operate the solution and it includes built-in integrations with Azure AD, Microsoft Intune, Palo Alto Networks and other world-class solutions. These integrations offer value in easier access management, threat response and prevention of lateral movement. CLEAR integrates with native and existing architecture, without a need for port mirroring or span port; and there is no need to acquire new appliances or software to implement the solution.

Secured: CLEAR implements best practices in cloud hosted service protection and all access to customer data is encrypted by SSL/TLS 1.2, creating full data privacy for data in transit. All data is encrypted at rest where storage service encryption is FIPS 140-2 compliant. User credentials never leave the organization, and administrators can be set to use MFA. CLEAR is SOC2 compliant, GDPR ready; and will help the organization in preparations for regulation compliance such as PCI, HIPAA and more.

Cost Efficiency: As a cloud service, enterprises can easily scale as they grow with more devices and locations or shrink the service if needed, all while paying only for what is consumed at the time with CLEAR’s pay-as-go model. No new appliances are required to be purchased or managed.


• Cloud-delivered - fully scalable, geo-redundant, and requiring no hardware. Newest version is always up with the latest features.
• Securing all network access layers- wired, wireless, and VPN without vendor lock-in.
• Flexible Enforcement - varies from monitor only to disconnect, dynamic VLAN assignment and ACL’s.
• Assigns a risk score to each endpoint based on hundreds of parameters.
• Agentless solution or agent-based- depending on the need and use case.
• Agent supports iOS, Android, OSX, Windows, and Linux with continuous risk monitoring for the mobile workforce on & off premises.
• Easy to deploy, with a pre-set infrastructure that requires no prior training.
• Flexible pay-as-you-go subscription model to fit the requirements of any growing enterprise.
• Secured cloud service on top of Azure with encryption of data in transit and data in rest; administrators MFA and security standard compliance.
• Convenient device on-boarding and guest management.
• Local failover in case of an Internet outage


Continuous Endpoint Risk Assessment

Detect unsecure, vulnerable and compromised devices, send alerts, and take automated actions


Control Access & Security Governance

Easily enforce access security policies across all access layers and optimize awareness of hidden threats


IoT Discovery & Visibility

Identify the loT devices accessing the network and control their permissions. Support for agentless onboarding of user and non-user devices


Secure Guest Access

With flexible guest access, make sure campus visitors can safely and securely access the network. Access control across wireless, wired and VPN.

“Portnox’s focus on cloud-advantaged visibility, along with its lightweight architecture, is ahead of the curve in terms of bringing a strengthened value proposition to a mature NAC market”

451 Research, global research and advisory firm