Paralloy chooses PAV I.T. Services for their Mimecast security and email continuity


With over 100 years’ experience in the UK’s steel industry, Paralloy & FVC takes pride in capably serving many of the world’s most challenging industries. The company manufactures centrifugally cast products and solutions, maintaining a long standing tradition of innovation, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction. From power generation and transportation to manufacturing and critical chemical industries, its products are used to drive the modern world.

Paralloy delivers quality products and services specifically designed to meet exacting, often bespoke standards, and its clients’ need for precision and rapid delivery has driven the company to develop efficient processes that result in extremely short lead times; ideal for time-sensitive projects and urgent or emergency based requirements.

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Paralloy Ltd, a leading Industrial Manufacturer of steel castings, chose PAV i.t. Services to provide their Mimecast integrated security and email continuity solution.

PAV initially worked with the customer and vendor in order to ensure that exactly the right Mimecast licenses were established for Paralloy. With a secure, integrated, file-sharing solution specifically built to send large files the Mimecast solution extends traditional gateway security in order to defend against malicious links in email, weaponised attachments, and malware-free social engineering attacks, while meeting the security and compliance needs. Using Mimecast, Paralloy’s sensitive data is guarded with content control and content blocking, while it also keeps employees productive by guarding against outages.

Throughout the process, PAV provided Paralloy with the best advice on how to choose, deploy and use its new security and email continuity solution. As part of the service, PAV also provided training sessions to get Paralloy’s new users up to speed quickly. This has meant that the customer benefits from protecting its clients’ sensitive data, providing 100% email uptime, facilitating an increasingly mobile workforce, providing archiving and retention requirements, and the need to quickly and efficiently respond to any litigation or information requests.


"Forming this new partnership with PAV that currently focuses around our email security has given us great confidence that we are in a strong position to defend against todays evolving threat landscape. Their longstanding partner status with Mimecast let us know that they are well equipped to correctly configure and install the solution, keeping our bespoke needs in mind"


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