Mimecast Email Security

Making Email Safer for Business. When it comes to protecting against global cyber threats, perhaps no area is more critical than email. This key communications tool keeps your operation running; yet, it’s also the number one vector for attacks. The dynamic nature of email-borne threats combined with the sheer volume of emails that must be
by Scott Tyson, Managing Director, EMEA, Auvik Networks Our use of the internet—and the sheer volume of data we send and receive over it—has grown in ways that many of us never imagined. Think back to the glory days of the good ol’ Commodore 64 in the mid 80s, when total global internet traffic reached
It’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage the data that our business have to hold, store and maintain. What would be the impact on your business if you didn’t have access to the large volumes of data created and stored each day? The benefits of moving to the cloud from legacy tape and disk solutions can
With billions of conversations taking place on company networks and cyber attacks becoming more and more common, how easy is it in reality to define “normal” on your network and know when it’s under threat from suspicious behaviours and critical risks? The biggest advantage organisations have in recognising attacks is the ability to know what