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Modern Workspaces

Unblocking Teamwork

Four tools and strategies to improve collaboration

An Evolving Business Landscape

Time spent on teamwork has increased by at least 50% for managers and employees over the last two decades. And up to 80% of workers’ time is spent on collaborative activities like meetings, calls and responding to email.

An environment that doesn’t encourage teamwork is one of the top five reasons people quit their jobs. Another employee attrition factor is a work environment that doesn’t accommodate working remotely.

A new culture of work is emerging. For the first time in human history, there are five generations in the workforce, each with different approaches to getting things done. They are increasingly diverse and mobile, working across multiple locations – often spanning time zones – and multiple devices throughout the workday. Employees expect a workspace that’s open and inclusive of individual work styles, while businesses want to empower their creativity and harness their ingenuity.

But even with a rapidly evolving business landscape, many modern workplaces lack the tools to communicate and collaborate seamlessly and securely. Decision makers are under pressure to find a solution that’s secure, reliable, scalable and cost-effective – and that meets the unique work styles of every employee, anywhere they are.

The solution lies in strategically breaking down teamwork blockers so that teams can work together with ease. To accomplish that, enterprises are looking toward having one shared hub for teamwork that will allow employees to communicate and collaborate through a single platform.



of enterprises and 66% of small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) plan to implement or upgrade to unified communications and collaboration solutions.

With mobile access to Teams and needed documents, [groups that need to move rapidly] can attain a velocity that would be impossible with conventional workplace tools.

James Fowler

Chief Information Officer, GE


What does 'digital' do for your business, and what more could it be doing? The team here at PAV have spoken with our customers and our technology partners to understand the main drivers in modern business, with the goal of de-mystifying the digital revolution and putting it into real life practice for British businesses - and, specifically, IT departments. We've called it Modern Workspaces.

As part of this work, we've put together a series of blogs and resources to explain more, and we're always at the end of the phone (01273 834 000) if you'd like to discuss more or let us know about your IT goals and/or pain points.

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