London based law firm

London-based law firm increased productivity and reduced licensing costs with Microsoft Intune and Pavilion


With a team of remote users needing to work from client sites and courtrooms, our customer’s IT team needed to find a way to efficiently, and remotely, deploy applications to Microsoft Windows operating systems. With almost 1,000 applications of varying purpose, complexity, licensing models and business function, the level of IT time required to support, patch and configure everything was becoming overbearing. 

At the same time in order to address increasing backup and storage costs, they decided to adopt a cloud-first policy that could sit their internal and client data on the Microsoft Azure cloud. 


In order to address our client’s application delivery requirements, the PAV team recommended a service based on Microsoft Intune’s application packaging and virtualisation service, which serves to streamline and configure the company’s software portfolio into an efficiently and managed portfolio of deployable packages. 


With PAV’s skills and experience in packaging software applications, the London-based firm have benefitted from a significant reduction in the burden of IT time requirement to deploy applications to users, not to mention the associated cost savings of overlapping application and licensing costs. Furthermore, a combination of this service and the organisation’s shift to the Azure cloud has also created improvements in system performance, which in turn has enabled greater levels of user productivity and remote collaboration capabilities. 

The firm’s move to the Azure cloud has also provided it with the ideal cloud platform to host all the core business systems and applications without the management burdens or costly overheads of the previous on-premises solution. 


Our client is a London based, client focused firm acting as trusted advisers to individuals and businesses of all sizes throughout the UK and overseas.

“The solutions that the PAV team brought to us to address the pain points we were experiencing have been nothing short of game-changing for us. Our software and infrastructure management costs have been significantly reduced, while system performance for our busy users has increased. At the same time our in-house IT team now have the time to develop more business-enabling initiatives while safe in the knowledge that our core infrastructure and application services are in good hands with PAV”. 

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