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Surviving Legal Technology; post covid 19

Virtual Round Table Event - 5th November

PAV i.t. services have brought together a consortium of organisations who have significant insight or provide key technologies that we believe are essential for legal organisations such as yours at this point in time. The consortium includes Wells Technology and Peritus Healthcare Management as well as key IT vendors Microsoft / Westcoast Cloud and Commvault.

Over the coming weeks, the consortium will provide you with tailored blogs and webcasts where our sole intention is on the provision of knowledge that helps you to formulate a plan that addresses the following key questions:

  • What can be done to help your practice deal with the inevitability of being hit by a cyber-attack and the associated data loss?
  • How can your practice continue being productive even when your staff are working remotely for large periods of time?
  • Are you still responsible for the well-being of your staff if they are working remotely (mostly by their own choice)?
  • How can high levels of organisational collaboration be maintained in an online / digital world?
  • Should your legal practice be worried about morale?
  • Are there opportunities for your practice to explore in the era of forced social distancing?

These are significant questions at any time but right here and right now, these questions are of profound importance to all legal practices with board awareness and CXO level involvement.

Our consortium believe that by not addressing these questions legal practices will have a financial or competitive consequence to consider. Furthermore, if your workforce is remote and accessing core systems without appropriate safeguards in place, there is a very real risk that there could be data loss, loss of services and / or a significant breach of client / attorney privileged information!

Concluding this campaign is our virtual event on the afternoon of Thursday the 5th of November. This virtual round table will include our subject matter experts who will drill into their respective area of expertise with full Q&A. The event will also provide all attendees with a culinary experience that I guarantee will surprise, intrigue and will also improve your awareness! If you wish to attend this event then we respectfully ask you to register for the event below.

Speakers will include:

  • Martyn Wells, Wells Technology Services Ltd
  • Nigel Tozer, Commvault – Data Security
  • Redvers Counsell, Westcoast – Modern Workplace
  • Pete Clements, PAV – Integration with client IT
  • Amanda Dowson, Peritus Health Management - Employee wellbeing

In amongst the presentations we will be involving a food tasting experience (wine, cheese, Charcuterie etc…) complete with a Sommelier to provide tasting notes. All attendees will have a package shipped to them a couple of days prior to the event.

The menu for the round table is:
2 half bottles wine
2 Artisan British cheeses
2 British charcuterie
Cheese biscuits
Part-baked demi baguette
Tasting notes

A Vegan option similar to above is also available.


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PAV i.t. services continue to release news and information specific to the legal community. We have many clients within this sector already and this results in a unique level of service provider empathy with your requirements of IT and the ancillary processes and considerations aligned to the requirements of a legal practice.

We are releasing more content every week. The focus now moves to modern workplace and the negative effects of #COVID19 on employee wellbeing. We at PAV will articulate why this is important and what we are doing to address separation / morale issues complete with some lessons that we have learnt.

I am excited at this juncture to introduce 3 discussions that are facilitated by Martyn Wells of Wells Technology. These discussions involve our subject matter experts from Commvault, Westcoast, Peritus Health Management and  PAV i.t. services. We believe these webinars will provide unique insight and are designed to augment the detail that each expert has provided within their personalised blogs.

The webinars are as below:

  • Data security and the evolving threat landscape 
  • Employee Mobility, collaboration and productivity 
  • Blue sky thinking; Morale and wellbeing of employees when not in the workplace


Nigel Tozer is a keen technologist and is a subject matter expert on data best practice and data protection for Commvault. He has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, with the majority of it in data management and cloud, and in recent years has become an ardent advocate of sustainability in business. Nigel is a qualified GDPR Practitioner, which combined with his other data skills has enabled him to work as an advisor to CIO’s, Chief Data Officers and other C level roles. He is an official spokesperson for Commvault and regularly appears in the media, and as a speaker at events and webinars.

Fractional IT Director, business owner and a veteran IT Director with 17 years of board experience within the Financial Services, Legal and Professional Services industries. Determined to make IT easy for everyone.

Passionate about change management and delivering enduring programmes of work and making technology productive and fun. Commercially savvy, and driven to deliver lean operations and highly performing teams.

Experienced in consultancy, relationship/stakeholder management, IT strategy definition, risk mitigation, data governance and security, compliance and programme management, systems development, all delivered with a sharp commercial focus.

An advocate for the development of future working practices, like speech recognition, artificial intelligence and business intelligence, a regular contributor, author, thought leader and speaker about the future of service provision. Chairman of Alternative Legal IT and Podcaster of The Homework Podcast to support legal IT workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A keen adventurer and expedition leader, I also provide public speaking at functions and inspirational talks and after dinner speeches for networking events.

Amanda has been working in the occupational health field since 1991, starting in a Shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness and has gone on to experience a variety of industrial sectors including engineering, construction, print, textiles, education, Funeralcare.  A registered nurse, specialist practitioner in occupational health nursing and a Chartered Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, she has spread her enthusiasm for occupational health, safety and wellbeing wherever she works, whether SMEs or Blue-Chip Multi-nationals; interpreting lung function tests or advising on the ergonomics of embalming; talking to individuals or at national conferences.  

Amanda’s believes that value of occupational health is based in the relationships between the service provider and customer: the stronger the relationship, the more integral the service, the more effective the outcomes.   We start from the premise that all occupational ill health, whether physical or mental, is essentially preventable and that everyone has a right to go home from work in a better state of health than they went with.  Afterall work is good for you.

Pete possesses a wide and deep skillset bringing years of IT and IS experience to bear on today’s fast paced enterprise environment having worked in both government and financial services organisations.  He’s passionately enthusiastic about retaining hands-on technical skills and working with market leading technologies to resolve customer problems, regularly being the “go to” person for them and his own team within PAV i.t.

Pete has proven experience in transforming IT operations, innovation, supporting and enabling businesses across multiple sectors as well as specialising in Enterprise Security Management, Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Management , Compliance and right-fit Security Architecture.

Board level leader with significant experience impacting corporate performance through the development, enhancement and orchestration of sales and marketing strategies. Proven track record for delivering successful outcomes in new start companies as well as companies or business units that have needed someone to architect a turnaround in fortunes.

Analytical mind that can gather insight to lead necessary organisational change through establishing appropriate strategies and processes and which are executed through communication with all affected lines of business.

Manager at Westcoast Cloud responsible for the modern workplace solution portfolio.

In Partnership With


Stevensdrake Solicitors

“Having worked with PAV i.t Services as a trusted advisor for our IT requirements for many years, we had a high level of confidence in their experience and expertise to propose a managed cloud backup and DR solution which matched our business requirements, giving us a scalable and cost effective solution which provided us with the assurance our data is both fully protected and available."

Neil Harding
IT Manager

Eric Robinson Solicitors

“PAV’s Commvault support gives me the peace of mind that our data is in the best possible hands. In  this age of frequent data breaches and loss of crucial data, we at Eric Robinson Solicitors take our custody of our clients’ data extremely seriously. The knowledge that our client data is securely backed up and the PAV team are on hand to support us with our backups and archiving is a big part of this  commitment to our clients”."

Mark Lawton
IT Manager