Customer story: How PAV Helped a Large Energy Organisation to Reinforce its Cyber Security


Our customer takes hundreds of thousands of energy readings every day for subsequent review and analysis. Given the ongoing rise in cyber attacks and specifically ransomware attacks, they approached PAV wanting to reinforce their cyber security.

Part of this project was to ensure the organisation’s front line defences are secure, and the other part is to ensure that the core functions are in place and available in the event of a ransomware attack. With many users working outside of the core network in the field, the need to be secure as well as flexible was one of the customer’s main requirements.


Having understood the customer’s requirement, PAV’s specialist security team recommended Cisco DUO’s solutions.

The solution’s multi-factor authentication functionality protects applications by employing a second source of validation such as a phone or token to verify the user’s identity before access is granted. PAV recommended Cisco DUO as it is designed to combine a simple and efficient login experience for users, while being able to seamlessly integrate into the customer’s existing technology stack.

The solution has also enabled new users and devices to be quickly setup as required, while ensuring that legacy technologies and core business functions remain protected.

This enables our customer’s users, including those working remotely in the field, to benefit from device and application level security. At the same time, it enables secure access for any user from any device from anywhere. Cisco DUO also enables the customer’s IT team to respond quickly to any incoming cyber threats with an easy-to-administer SaaS solution that provides native protection to every application.


Cisco DUO has provided the flexibility and agility that the use case required. With large teams of field workers and the need to protect sensitive customer data, secure, remote access to devices and applications is vital for the company’s productivity.

PAV’s services teams have worked with the customer to ensure the solution has not been disruptive to our customer’s users in the field, and provides them with quick and easy access to their applications through their existing workflows.


“PAV’s help in understanding our needs and recommend a best-in-class solution to achieve them has been first class. The Cisco DUO solution has enabled our users to be as productive as always in the field while ensuring that our core infrastructure and data is well protected in the event of a cyber attack”.

IT Manager

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