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Strategic IT department

Where are you now?

Functional: solely responds to a ticketing system that reports company IT problems
Transformational: adopting new technology to lower costs and resolution times
Strategic: looking at how new technology can contribute to the vision and growth of the business

Where are you starting your journey?

Offering remote working

Where are you now?

Access to documents and resources anywhere

Improve productivity for workers by enabling them to use their devices

Improve home-life balance for staff by losing their commute

A happy workforce is more productive

There’s no I in team

Where are you now?

But there is IT…

 Your users can create, share and review documents instantly and from anywhere

Share large files via an approved platform Stop the use of unsecured online tools for sending business critical information, tenders, customer information etc.

It’s a win-win

Flexible with users’ own devices

Where are you now?

BYOD needn’t be daunting

 Facilitate secure use of personal devices for business purposes

Save on hardware costs while limiting the need for users to carry unnecessary devices

Create a better working environment for your users

Satisfied users and reduced hardware costs

Securing your crown jewels

Where are you now?

The need for IT Security can’t be overstated.

Compliance: Legal obligations to protect your data subjects

Protection:  Protect your brand and workforce  from the dangers associated with a breach, no matter how it’s caused

Are you sure you’re covered?

Spiralling IT costs under control

Where are you now?

Whether Brexit uncertainty, or good old-fashioned inefficiencies are causing IT costs to spiral, technology and know-how are on hand to help reduce costs and save time.

Stay onside with the regulations

Where are you now?

Everyone’s favourite acronym - GDPR

 There’s actually many more regulations you’ll be aware of the need to be compliant with, but GDPR remains a hot topic

Lead your business’ drive for compliance and add value as a department

It’s a necessary evil

Best use of your IT Resources

Where are you now?

Help your Helpdesk make better use of their time by getting help to sweat the routine stuff


What do your team spend their time on?

Get your head in the cloud

Where are you now?

It’s coming…

 Whether your business has already adopted cloud, is considering it, or is resisting it altogether, it’s worth keeping on top of.

Cloud can offer many business benefits – we can see if and how it’s right for your organisation

 The cloud isn’t going to burst

Keeping the lights on

Where are you now?

It’s the day job

 Digital transformation, cloud, IT inventory projects – they all take time and resource.

If you need to be focusing on them (and more!), it might be time to consider moving on from the day-to-day stuff… 

Bread and butter sometimes needs jam

The known unknowns

Where are you now?

Do you have your ducks in a row?

 It sounds obvious, but it’s crucial to understand what applications you’re running, how long they are supported, and if there any gaps or redundancies.

Improve your planning and potentially reduce costs by avoiding overlapping technologies

Carry out an inventory of your IT

Tape is so 1990s

Where are you now?

Reliable, low cost archiving

 There aren’t many (if any) homes watching movies on VHS anymore. Yet some businesses are still relying on tape to store crucial backups and archiving.

Consider moving to efficient, low-cost storage in the cloud and you’ll have less hassle maintaining tapes, as well as a much simpler recovery process.

Time to move on from those tapes!

Don’t be green with recycling

Where are you now?

Recycling is good – but don’t overlook data destruction

 Recycling redundant servers and storage is good, no doubt about it. But while we all pat ourselves on the back that we’re doing our bit for the planet and making it a greener place, don’t forget the crucial step that sits between the useful life of infrastructure and the recycling process; that is - how can you guarantee your sensitive data has been destroyed.

Don’t let good intentions come back to bite you!

The monthly meeting

Where are you now?

Reporting on your results

 We all know the importance of internal reporting, but it can also be a pain.

With the right reporting structures in place, you can establish central reporting of key metrics and KPIs

Monitor your IT performance and make data-driven decisions

Knowledge is power!