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How an Investment Firm Increased Cybersecurity Protection


Our client operates in the financial services industry, and as a result cyber security is of pivotal importance in order to satisfy regulatory compliance and to uphold the highest levels of customer confidence. 

As a financial institution, some of the main cyber security challenges that will face the firm are data loss and ransomware attacks. Internal protection is key to this, and other companies in the group have been on the receiving end of numerous ransomware emails, phishing attempts and efforts to impersonate key directors and staff. 

Their objective is therefore to ensure that the cybersecurity strategy is robust and well executed right from the offset so that they are prepared for these threats. The PAV team were engaged to assess these requirements so as to get them ready to launch their new business on the most secure footing. 


In order to address our Mimecast MEGA package including M3RA, Awareness Training AT1, Web Security W1, Large File Send and Secure Messaging. 


Security is vital for our client, both internally and at the perimeter. Based on their requirements, the PAV team recommended Mimecast’s MEGA package. This includes secure email protection, and the highest levels of protection against data leaks, URLs, attachments, impersonation attacks, and internal email security. 

The service also includes mailbox continuity to ensure uptime and productivity on email servers, as well as additional data protection through sync, recovery and encrypted email archiving and 99-year data retention. 

To establish the project requirements, the PAV team ran workshops with the customer to define policy sets and any additional requirements they may have. Following this, the PAV engineers were able to setup and configure the solution according to the requirements. From an installation perspective, PAV also made arrangements with the vendor to input the client’s data into the new solution. 

The client has also benefitted from training during the installation process, and have become more and more familiar with managing the Mimecast policies. This ensures that although PAV offer this as a managed service, once the installation is complete, the customer’s internal team are able to take the reins and manage the environment themselves. 


Our customer is a boutique investment company and part of a beneficially owned group with diversified assets in emerging and developed markets. 

“The Mimecast solution and the PAV team have ensured we can get off to the best possible start with our business, and operate knowing that our internal systems and perimeter are well protected from the outset. With cyber attacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent, it is vital for ourselves and all financial services companies to have the best possible preparations in place to protect our customers’ financial and personal data. We are confident we have the very best possible preparation in place with Mimecast and PAV”.   

Head of Technology 

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