How Harrogate based Financial Services Company addressed IT infrastructure and backup challenges with PAV


As Independent Financial Advisers and Pension Consultants, the company require both on-premise and cloud replications of data in order to provide resilience and security for the data. The firm had been running a Commvault backup for the cloud aspect of the requirement, and using Backup Assist for the on-prem copies, in which the manual changing of tapes was required.


Because there were several aspects to our client’s requirements, the PAV team proposed a phased approach to the work, and it was divided into server install, Office 365 setup, Backup as a Service, data migration, and Office 365 migration.

The phased approach also ensured that there were no periods where the customer’s data was not being backed up, both to mitigate risk. Taking into account current level of data expected for the company’s server and backup environment, PAV provided a modern version of their legacy server environment which provides operational efficiency and a much more reliable infrastructure.


The firm’s move from their legacy exchange server to Office 365 has saved the company money overall, and also enabled them to move the budget from an annual capital expense to a monthly operational expense thanks to Microsoft’s subscription service.

In addition to the increased flexibility and cross-tool collaboration that the Office 365 suite provides, this has provided excellent value to the customer. It also set them up to expand into other features in the future such as application packaging with Microsoft Intune.

Tying our client’s new infrastructure together in a safe and secure manner was also a crucial part of the project, and Commvault Backup as a Service provides this. The customer did explore the opportunity to renew their pre-existing solution that offered backup and retention, but Commvault’s service worked out to be more cost-effective in the long-term, while providing more resilience to the backups which are taken from both virtual machines on the physical server, their 365 mailboxes, SharePoint and OneDrive.

“The PAV team provided us with a full modernisation of our core IT infrastructure, and created many efficiencies and cost-saving benefits in doing so. The team have been great to work with, and extremely knowledgeable in recommending solutions based on our requirements and the financial sector regulations we need to adhere to”. 

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