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How Fensham Howes optimised its IT infrastructure


Fensham Howes is a strategic independent financial management company that works with its clients to help them achieve their life financial goals. For every client, this starts by establishing clear and practical strategic objectives, and the implementation of a long-term plan. The plan is then updated through regular monitoring, constant attention to detail, and by making sensible adjustments to changes in life circumstances or the environment.


Fensham Howes’ last IT infrastructure renewal had taken place six years ago. Previously it was a hybrid environment consisting of some on-premises hardware and Pavilion hosted services. 

In recent years and spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the customer’s requirements have changed to a more streamlined and collaborative solution.

Renewals were almost due on Fensham’s hosted environment, so it was an ideal time to complete the migration. The Pavilion team also had to be aware of the requirement that data needed to be stored in the UK since the customer operates in the financial services industry. 


Fensham Howes have decommissioned their on-premise servers and legacy hosted solutions. SharePoint and OneDrive have been rolled out to facilitate file sharing and collaboration among users. 

ORIIUM Backup as a Service (Baas) ensures that all files stored in the Microsoft platforms are safeguarded and adequately backed up, providing protection against potential threats such as accidental deletion, user deletion and cyber attacks.


Since its legacy solutions have been decommissioned, Fensham’s users will be able to collaborate more efficiently in the virtual environment. Furthermore, cost reduction will be achieved through reduced power and cooling requirements, hosting costs and future hardware renewals or upgrades.

The customer has also benefitted from legacy on-premise hardware being removed free of charge by our partners Revive IT. This service provides full documentation of the destruction of the hardware, and gave Fensham full confidence that no data has been left on it. Because the hardware is recycled under the WEEE regulations, Fensham’s corporate responsibility standards have also been upheld. 

Microsoft’s UK-based data centre was able to satisfy the data residency requirements for the storage. 


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