Reduce Your Next PAV Invoice by £100

PAV Customer Referral

At PAV we firmly believe that we help all of our customers all day every day by delivering them with IT Certainty. We believe that this will indirectly allow our customers with more personal time to spend with your families! However, we know that this is a particularly important time of the year and we want to try even harder to help!

This year and specifically in light of #COVID restrictions, we would like to revise this program and offer our customers two opportunities to secure funding for virtual departmental activities:

  1. If you are prepared to refer PAV i.t. services into another company where you have links to the IT department and sponsor us to meet with that customer then we will agree to reduce your next PAV invoice by £100 
  2. If you are prepared to be a PAV case study / reference then we would also agree to reduce your next PAV invoice by £100

If you are interested then all you have to do now is to register your interest using the below web form and a member of PAV will make contact with you to discuss this referral further.

Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions always apply and are on the registration page for you to review.

  1. You register your interest using the below link
  2. You conduct the referral through the below web from or with an introduction email with on CC
  3. A PAV sales representative confirms a face to face meeting with the client and the meeting completes successfully within 60x days of the referral link being completed
  4. The £100 will be deducted from your next PAV invoice. This is effectively a credit which your finance department can associate to your departmental activity
  5. PAV are not responsible for any tax liability and we are aware that a certain level of employee entertainment is tax deductible but if you have any queries, please seek advice before entering into this agreement

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