A smart way to manage smart devices at work
by Scott Tyson, Managing Director, EMEA, Auvik Networks From smart locks, lightbulbs, mirrors, and thermostats to connected contact lenses, activity trackers, and the list goes on—there seems to be a smart version of everything these days. And they’re not all for personal use. As we’re lining up to buy the latest, greatest IoT (Internet of
More traffic requires more capacity, network
by Scott Tyson, Managing Director, EMEA, Auvik Networks Our use of the internet—and the sheer volume of data we send and receive over it—has grown in ways that many of us never imagined. Think back to the glory days of the good ol’ Commodore 64 in the mid 80s, when total global internet traffic reached
network security
With billions of conversations taking place on company networks and cyber attacks becoming more and more common, how easy is it in reality to define “normal” on your network and know when it’s under threat from suspicious behaviours and critical risks? The biggest advantage organisations have in recognising attacks is the ability to know what