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Network Infrastructure Management

Auvik TrafficInsights

The what, who, and where of network traffic

  • Is your internet slow because of your resident bandwidth hog, or is it because of a device in a country you have no business dealings in?
  • Is there an uptick in traffic because you’ve got an employee downloading movies for fun on company time, or is your network being flooded with malicious traffic?
  • Is the traffic going to and coming from the BitTorrent server, or is it coming from an attacker using a server to infect every device in your network?

With TrafficInsights, we get answers—fast

TrafficInsights gives us deep visibility into all traffic flows, even encrypted traffic, across your entire network. We can see what applications are being used on the network, who is using those applications, and where the data is going, so you can know:
• Who’s using banned applications
• Who’s hogging your bandwidth by downloading movies (again)
• Where your traffic is going—and easily spot high-risk regions
• What devices a hacked server connected to during an infection

The nitty gritty

By supplementing NetFlow data with machine learning, TrafficInsights extracts real-time and historical traffic insights. We can:
• Break down data by application, protocol, IP, port, and web domain
• Identify top addresses and top conversations
• Visually present where traffic is going once it leaves the network
• Jump in and fix issues fast

Get next-level network insights from client NetFlow data

Auvik TrafficInsights™ enhances NetFlow data with machine learning to show you who’s on the network, what they’re doing, and where their traffic is going. Even when the traffic’s encrypted.

Ready to say goodbye to network congestion and suspicious activity?

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